Best travel products for infants and toddlers - the best kept secrets

People usually figure out the necessities for traveling with their infant and/or toddler. Stroller - check. Car seat - check. Food/milk - check. Portable crib/Pack n' Play - check. Baby - check. You're welcome.

But... there are some super cool, under-the-radar products that will make your travels much easier and more enjoyable. 

Check out these best kept secrets!

Gro-Anywhere Blind

When at home you have your child's room set up with blackout curtains, blackout shades, the whole nine yards. That is awesome because infants and toddlers (and humans in general, for that matter) sleep best in dark environments. Now you are going on vacation and you have no idea if the windows in the place you are staying will be covered or not. No problem! Bring these portable blackout window coverings with you! They use suction cups for easy and safe installation, and even come with a handy dandy carrying case.

SnoozeShade Plus

While out-and-about on vacation it is not always practical to go back to the hotel room each time your child needs to take a nap. This shade, which attaches to any stroller, allows you to create a blacked-out environment for your child while on-the-go so that they can essentially nap anywhere. As an added bonus, this shade also blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays and serves as a bug shield as well. (You do not need to use the blackout feature at all times - there is a mesh cover that can be used when your child is not napping so that they can see the sights with you).

Homedics Deep Sleep White Noise Machine

What makes this white noise machine so nifty is that it runs on batteries. Therefore, you can take it camping, to the beach, to a cabin, oversees, etc. and not have to worry about electrical outlets. This is also a great option if you live in an area that loses power frequently. 

Inflatable Bed Rail

These bed bumpers/bolsters help create a guard for your child in any type of bed. They are inflatable and therefore super easy to pack. They even come with a carrying case and a foot pump - amazing. They have a nifty anti-slip bottom so that they don't slide around under the sheet. We used these all the time when my kids were younger - we set up the bumpers in hotel beds, friend's guest room beds, bunk beds at the beach, etc. We recently got my 3-year old a junior loft bed (twin bed) and I used one of the bumpers in his new bed until he got used to sleeping higher up off the ground. They are so versatile and so easy. Made by One Step Ahead - click on picture for link.

My Little Seat Travel Highchair

This travel highchair/seat is so cool. It is super portable, sets up in seconds, and folds easily into a diaper bag. It comes in several cute designs, all of which are machine washable. The seat has a 5-point harness and has extra reinforced seaming to ensure strength, safety, and durability. 

Inflatable Bathtub

Bath time can be tricky when traveling with babies because regular-sized tubs are not always safe, and traveling with a baby bathtub is not exactly practical. This nifty inflatable tub is easy to pack, easy to inflate, easy to deflate, and makes bath time on-the-go much safer, easier, and more sanitary (if you're staying in a less-than-pristine hotel or something) :)  This particular tub is extra cool because it has a safety disc on it that turns white if the bath water is too hot. The inside of the tub is textured, which helps your little one from slipping around in the duck.

Roll n' Go Car Seat Transporter

This cars seat transporter allows you to convert your big-kid carseat into an airport stroller. There is a universal attachment which connects virtually all convertible and forward-facing car seats quickly and securely. Once you're at the gate you can check the carseat gate-side, fold the transporter, and easily store it in the overhead bin. This product is made with aircraft grade aluminum and therefore super light and easy to travel with. Brilliant!

Don't forget to check out my Tips for Traveling with Children article for additional tips and tricks when traveling with your little ones. 

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