Homemade Baby Food Workshop

Making your own baby food is much easier than you think. Not only does feeding your child homemade baby ensure that you know exactly what you are feeding your baby, but it can also be more economical!

Relying on manufactured baby food can limit your baby's exposure to flavors and spices, which can have an affect on how their palate is shaped and what your child will enjoy as they continue through life. 

Jarred baby food companies are required to cooked their fruits and vegetables at extremely high temperatures to ensure all bacteria is killed and to extend the shelf-life of their products. A very unfortunate side effect is that cooking food at extremely high temperatures also rids the food of may of its natural vitamins and nutrients!

Our Homemade Baby Food Workshop will teach parents how to steam, roast, boil, and puree different foods to create delicious, flavorful, nutritious food for their child. We will also discuss which foods should be bought organic vs. which foods can be bought non-organic (in an effort to save money).

Our workshop will also discuss the reality of being "on the go" and how to utilize pre-packaged foods when you need easy, portable options.

We have worked to combine knowledge gained from pediatricians, primary research, secondary research and personal experiences into our Homemade Baby Food Workshop. This course is designed to help parents gain the knowledge and confidence they need to feel comfortable when feeding their baby. We will also cover areas such as:

  • What foods are important to buy organic
  • What foods you may want to make at home vs. what foods are easier, more practical and safer when bought in the store
  • Recipe ideas for easy, practical homemade baby food.

Our Homemade Baby Food Workshop is 1.5 hours, and includes demonstrations, taste tests, and recipe ideas.

To see when Mind Body Family is offering our Homemade Baby Food Workshops, visit our Upcoming Classes and Events page or email Amy Bonsiero – amy@mbfcommunity.com