Recommended Products

The products listed below are items that I frequently recommend to my clients. 

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Blackout Curtains - 

Blackout curtains are very important for helping to create the foundations of the nursery. Being able to control how much sunlight comes into the nursery, and at what time, will help immensely as your baby is learning how to sleep more soundly. Humans sleep best in rooms that are dark. An added bonus to blackout curtains is that they are very thick and help block out external noises as well as hot/cool air in the summer/winter months. (I chose pink and blue colors below just for fun... once you click on the link there are a ton of other color choices).

Sleep Coaching Tip: Make sure you open the blackout curtains in the morning when it is the appropriate wake time for your child. Natural sunlight is an important indicator that it is "morning" and will help to set their internal clock to that time.

Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit -

3-6 Months Old

This sleep suit is perfect for transitioning your baby out of the swaddle. The suit comes in two sizes, 3-6 months and 6-9 months. 

Sleep Coach Tip: If your baby is currently sleeping in a bassinet, Rock N Play, swing, etc. and you are ready to transition them to their crib, this sleep suit makes the transition much smoother and easier. 

Miracle Blanket: baby swaddle - 

I love this swaddle blanket because it makes swaddling SO much easier.

Sleep Coach Tip: remember to swaddle with your baby's arms at their side!!! Not folded across their chest (unless you have a preemie - swaddle your preemie with their arms folded across their chest until after their official "due date", and then swaddle their arms at their sides after that).


White Noise Machine: Marpac DOHM - 

This is my favorite white noise machine. I own three of these!

Sleep Coach Tip: remember you want plain white noise in your baby's nursery. I do not recommend using sounds such as rain, ocean, heartbeat, etc. as these sounds are not constant throughout the night which can interrupt sleep.

Rock N Play - 

This is a sleep seat for newborns that allows you to secure them in an inclined position (which is often much more comfortable for newborns - and even more so if they have reflux issues). This seat allows you to rock your baby gently and also has a vibration setting which can be helpful for soothing purposes. My favorite thing about this sleeper is that if collapses very easily so you can take it with you when traveling.

Sleep Coach Tip: another reason that babies often take to the Rock N Play before they take to the crib is because it snuggles them in more than the crib does. The Rock N Play is often a life-saver when your baby is not yet fond of their crib, and the only place they seem to settle is ON YOU!

Onaroo OK to Wake Children's Alarm Clock - 

When your little one transitions from a crib to a big kid bed, often they have "fun" with their new found freedom and begin exiting their bedroom prior to wake time. This alarm clock is PERFECT for teaching kids how to stay in their rooms until morning. There are different settings on the alarm clock which allow you to customize it for your needs. Here is how I personally use it: I set the the clock so that a light to turn on at 7:30am, which is my daughter's natural wake time. When 7:30am hits, the alarm glows with a cute green color that tells her she can get up and exit her room (the alarm does not make a sound, so it will not wake her if she happens to sleep late that day). The green light stays on for 30 minute window. What is also amazing about this clock is that you can set a nap timer that doesn't interfere with your nighttime settings. 

Sleep Coaching Tip: using a clock like this gives your older baby/toddler a sense of independence which is important for them. Allowing them to have "control" over their wake time gives them confidence which is a wonderful feeling for them to have.