"Hands down, our time with Amy has been our best investment as parents to date." 

"We reached out to Amy when our son (8 months) was refusing to sleep through the night. For months, we tried everything that had worked for our first child, and for months we failed -- we truly saw no end in sight, and we became shadows of our former selves. Amy took our data points and our goals easily in stride and helped us set a detailed, personalized plan in place during our meeting. She diagnosed our son's sleep issue (which we had unwittingly perpetuated), and patiently explained the path forward, to healthier habits. Amy was there with a fast, thoughtful, detailed response every single step of the way -- and within a week (yes, a week) our son was sleeping through the night. Within a couple of weeks after that, we had successfully moved him in with his big sister (and out of our guest bedroom). Our household once again feels whole and sane, and we absolutely could not have done it without Amy. Hands down, our time with Amy has been our best investment as parents to date." 

"What happened when we began using the methods and schedules Amy provides us with was nothing short of magic."

"I reached out to Amy for help when my son was 8 months old, sleeping in bed with my husband and I, and waking up every hour overnight to nurse. He had never been a great sleeper, but for months everyone said it would get better soon. It didn’t. It got worse. Everyone in our family was exhausted and I wasn’t able to enjoy my happy and growing baby boy. Then we found Amy. What initially drew us to her among the many sleep consultants in our area was, in addition to glowing reviews, Amy didn’t subscribe to a particular philosophy of sleep training, which we thought would lead to a more tailored approach to working with out family. This turned out to be true and we began our work with a detailed questionnaire and a 2 hour meeting at our home. What happened when we began using the methods and schedules Amy provides us with was nothing short of magic. Within days, our baby was sleeping in his own room, going to sleep by himself instead of being nursed to sleep, and waking only twice overnight to eat. Then in a few more days we were able to put him down awake in his crib, walk out of the room and he slept for 12 hours. Naps improved significantly as well with the schedule Amy created for us. I cannot express how important this help was for me and my family. Amy literally changed our lives and a process - sleep training - that we thought would be difficult and stressful - was easy and natural for us and for our baby. I tell everyone that we would have paid Amy’s fee for 1 night of sleep, let alone the amazing help and support and extraordinary outcomes she helped us achieve. I would not hesitate to recommend Amy’s coaching to anyone and have done so already on numerous occasions."

"Amy is so easy to work with, like a good friend who just happens to give really, really excellent advice."

"We are so grateful for our relationship with Amy. When we called her our six month old son was still waking up every couple hours all night long, couldn’t nap for more than 45 minutes, and hated his crib. We had read all the infants sleep books and even implemented some initial sleep training on our own, but with only limited success. Amy helped us understand sleep as part of a baby's full 24 hour day and showed us how to get feeds, playtime, naptime, and bedtime all working together harmoniously. Her approach was gentle yet very effective and tailored to our individual child and family. With some simple changes we saw improvements within just a few days, and she has continued to help us off and on as our son’s sleep patterns have evolved. Amy is so easy to work with, like a good friend who just happens to give really, really excellent advice. Everyone nows says we are so “lucky" we have a good sleeper— maybe, but I think it had more to do with calling Amy!"

"Amy is a wonderful person and an excellent sleep trainer. She saved our family!"

"Amy is a miracle worker! Initially, I had very little hope for my situation.  With my older 2 children, I never sought help with their poor sleeping habits and they never slept through the night until age 2+.  With my third, at 12 months he was still waking every 2 hours to nurse.  Nursing was the only way I could get him back to sleep.  Exhausted does not even describe how I felt.  Amy came very highly recommended and truly worked wonders for us.  She is very kind, caring, and empathetic.  She reviewed multiple sleep training options with me and after I decided on a solution, she supported me 110%. She was available via email, phone and text.  Having her support and follow through allowed me to do what was necessary and to do it as painlessly as possible.  I am very happy to report that my son very quickly learned to sleep through the night and 10 months later, he still does! My only regret is not calling her sooner.  Amy is a wonderful person and an excellent sleep trainer.  She saved our family!"

"I have no doubt we will use Amy again with our next child and would recommend her to all Moms!!!"

"I cannot express how grateful we are to Amy and all her services, expertise, help, and overall support. As a first time Mom I was overwhelmed and exhausted and wanted to care the best for my son while also getting some much needed rest so that I could care for him as best as possible. Amy gave me the reassurance I needed to get my son on a schedule and sleeping through the night! She was always available at any time during the day and was extremely influential in helping my husband and I get on a schedule with naps and sleeping through the night. I have no doubt we will use Amy again with our next child and would recommend her to all Moms!!!"

"Amy has been a lifesaver for my husband and I!"

Amy has been a lifesaver for my husband and I! We consulted with her for a 6 week plan to help our 16 month old son sleep consistently and self-sufficiently throughout the night. She created a week-by-week approach to help us achieve our goal and 6 weeks later, the three of us are finally getting the restorative sleep we need! Amy was wonderful during the whole process :) She listened to our concerns and addressed them during the initial in-person consultation and she never pushed my husband or I to conform to a method we weren't comfortable using. We emailed every day and she was always consistent, informative, and most importantly, sympathetic to our needs. She became our daily "safety blanket" as we navigated through the entire process. We're so happy we found her and we would highly recommend her to any parents who need a sleep consultant! We've achieved our goal but we're definitely sad to let her go! 

"Working with Amy was truly a game changer for us."

"Around 11 weeks old, my son had a major growth spurt followed by the grueling 4 month sleep regression. At this point I was only getting about 3 hours of interrupted sleep a night, he was nursing around the clock, and I felt like my life had been turned upside down. Too tired to read and comprehend any of the well known sleep books, my husband read a few and got a pretty good understanding of some of the techniques that might help us. The truth is, we just didn't know where or how to start.  We had a ton of questions and honestly...we just needed some back up. My son had just turned 18 weeks old and I was about to return to work.  I was feeling worse than ever. The sleep deprivation had triggered PPD and as a result, I was considering not returning to work at all -- a job that I loved. I contacted Amy and told her exactly what was gong on. She immediately reassured me and related to my experience with so much compassion. I reread her email over and over again.  She promised me that it would get better and after our consultation, I truly believed her. She came to our house on a Thursday night and we discussed an entire 24 hour day and together we made a realistic schedule for us to follow and tailored a specific plan for sleep training. Amy was so knowledgable that my husband and I immediately felt better. The next night, we felt that we had our confidence back and we started the sleep training. After 3 days of working with Amy, my son was sleeping 9+ hours straight at night. Within 2 weeks, he was eating and napping on a great schedule and he was finally gaining weight. Needless to say, we were all much happier.  His bedtime had naturally settled in a full 2 hours earlier than we thought it was and he was now getting close to 11-12 hours of sleep at night. My husband and I are still blown away by how well Nicholas adjusted. He thrived on our new schedule and so did I.  Working with Amy was truly a game changer for us. My son was getting the rest he needed and my husband and I got our evenings (and essentially - our lives) back. It's now been 8 weeks since the first night that we met with Amy. The best part is knowing that Amy is only a phone call or email away and is always more than willing to jump in and offer insightful advice and recommendations. Her personal understanding as a mom as well as her experience from working with lots of parents and babies make her an invaluable resource. Plus, she's just an amazing person - I soon felt like we were old friends.  She truly cares and does anything she can to help. We can't thank her enough!"

"Amy is a miracle worker."

"Amy is a miracle worker. We’d read the books and followed advice from all directions, but our son was sleeping at best 5 hours without waking. After eight months of hoping he’d turn the corner soon, we threw in the towel and reached out to Amy for help. Two nights later with many tiny tweaks in our routine and our son’s schedule, he started sleeping 11 hours, consistently, every night. My only regret is that we waited so long to invest in expert help." 

"Amy’s sleep coaching has changed our lives."

"Amy’s sleep coaching has changed our lives.  We knew nothing about schedules, routines and sleep cues until I met with Amy for a private sleep coaching session.  Amy was always so positive, professional and encouraging as we went through the initial challenges of sleep training.  It was comforting to know that if we were struggling, I could reach out to Amy and she would respond back with advice and/or encouragement. It is so nice to be able to put our son down in his crib awake (oftentimes with a smile on his face), say “I love you” and walk out of the nursery without worrying about tiptoeing out after nursing or rocking him to sleep.  Multiple family members have said to us, “wait, you just put him down awake and walk out of the room, just like that and he doesn’t cry?”  We can’t thank Amy enough for helping our son develop such a critical skill in being able to quickly soothe himself to sleep." 

"Previously, our evenings were spent rocking, walking, and trying to soothe our son to sleep or back to sleep. We now put him down in his crib (with no crying) at his designated bedtime and can enjoy the evening knowing he is sleeping soundly. Thank you, Amy!" 

"Amy is truly amazing! I had heard from several people that she was “the baby whisperer” and could teach all parents to get their babies to sleep. It’s true!  My husband and I secured Amy for a private session, and we have never looked back. She taught us about sleep cycles, sleep cues, and the importance of having our baby learn to self-soothe.  She walked us through sleep training every step of the way, from setting up the ideal sleep environment to soothing techniques and our routine at bedtime. Our son now takes great naps and sleeps through the night. Amy is the consummate professional – her calm and reassuring demeanor made my husband and me extremely comfortable with what we were doing. This truly helped us to regain control of our lives. Previously, our evenings were spent rocking, walking, and trying to soothe our son to sleep or back to sleep. We now put him down in his crib (with no crying) at his designated bedtime and can enjoy the evening knowing he is sleeping soundly. Thank you, Amy!" 

Infant Massage Testimonials:

"What a wonderful class! Not only did I meet some great people, but I learned how to alleviate my son’s gas and colic through massage. We also have a bedtime ritual of a calming massage that my son loves and is great bonding! Being able to massage your baby will help you have a happier baby." 

"The Infant Massage course was great. I learned a lot and love incorporating the strokes into my routine with my daughter. Amy was a wonderful teacher - patient, kind, and thorough."

"This class (Infant Massage course) provided me with a great way to help me and also to connect with my baby. I sternly recommend it to all parents."

"This class (Infant Massage course) was a great way for me to bond with my second child. I also learned techniques to help my older child that I didn't know about. I would recommend this course to first time parents AND experienced parents!"

"We loved everything about this course (Infant Massage course)! The Gas & Colic Routine has been a huge help for our son, and he loves to me massaged."

"My favorite thing about this course (Infant Massage course) was learning the techniques, interacting with Amy, and interacting with the other parents. We were able to share stories, share tips, and learn from each other." 

"Amy is an amazing teacher. She is able to answer all our questions, and also deliver the material in a clear way that is easy to understand."

"Amy is terrific. She is very adaptable, patient, thoughtful, and did a wonderful job of explaining how to do infant massage and gentle movements. We also loved that she explained how the things we were learning we able to be used for specific purposes."